Saturday, January 25, 2014

favorites, part I: eye products

as someone with blonde eyebrows and eyelashes, i have always paid a lot of attention to that area of my face. i really like my eyes and my eyelashes. my eyelashes are very long, but you can't really see them because they are so light (almost clear). the first makeup i really started wearing was mascara and everything else came later.

i decided before jumping into any in depth reviews or swatches, my inaugural post should include some of my beauty favorites. i'd rather not dedicate an entire post to THIS IS WHO I AM, but a post detailing what i like should give some sort of an outline of what i look for in beauty products.

so, naturally, i wanted to start with eye products.

urban decay eye shadow in 'sin' ($18) and the 'naked basics' palette ($27).

sinnaked basics
for starters, the formulation of these shadows is fantastic. they are the softest, most pigmented shadows i have ever used. they blend well and last a long time on the lid. 'sin' is by far the best color i have ever used. it is a very flattering champagne-pink shimmer, a 'my lids by better' look. the color makes my blue eyes stand out more without screaming I AM WEARING EYESHADOW. when i was 15, MAC came out with an eyeshadow named 'goldbit.' it was the first eyeshadow that really worked on my eyes, but it was limited edition and i was never able to purchase it again. luckily, sin is similar to what i can remember goldbit looking like, but slightly more natural and with a far superior formulation to the MAC lustre shadow i had in 2004. 'naked basics' is a small palette (in comparison to other UD palettes), but i think it is the most essential. i love all of the UD naked palettes, but they are $52 apiece and contain very few matte shades. 'basics' has all mattes (with the exception of 'venus,' which is a shimmery white highlight color), and the palette is versatile for many different looks. you can do something light and natural looking, something dramatic and smoky, or (depending upon your eyebrow color) use it to fill in your brows. the prices are certainly steep, but you will get your money's worth with the 'basics' palette. 'sin' is also available in the original 'naked' palette, so keep that in mind if you plan on purchasing it.

stila stay all day waterproof liquid liner in black ($20)
i am a big fan of liquid liner. i was inspired to try it out years ago after looking at a 60's inspired ad, and i have incorporated it into my day to day makeup. i think it makes me look less tired, as it draws the focus to the top of the eye as opposed to the bottom, where dark circles form. a simple flick is also great for pairing with a bold lip, because it is simple and monochromatic. it flatters eyes without taking away from the lip. i have tried quite a few different types of liquid liners: make up forever's waterproof liner (great once you get used to if, tube broke for me, also just too expensive), l'oreal's lineur intense (great, but no staying power), kat von d's tattoo line (too light), almay's liquid liner (okay), e.l.f's eyeliner pen (dry/terrible). the stila liner came in a set, and it is the best kind i have tried. not only is the wear time excellent, but the pen is very easy to control. it is fairly expensive (the mufe one was even more, $25 i believe!) but sometimes it is included in sets. shop around! this is worth the splurge, though.

maybelline the colossal mascara (waterproof) ~$7

i have blonde eyelashes, so if i was in a rush and only had time for one cosmetic, mascara would be it. i usually layer mascaras, with a base or a not waterproof mascara underneath, and then a few coats of this waterproof one over top. i like this one because the formula is thinner, so it coats the lashes and existing mascara easily.

what are your favorite eye products?


  1. Love the stila eyeliner. You should check out benefit's "they're real" mascara. Splurge but the best I've ever used

    1. i've actually used it a few times under the colossal! i got it in a different sephora favorites set (hahah). i always use two, because i feel like mascaras that work well (like 'they're real') aren't waterproof or the waterproof versions aren't as good. the colossal works as more of a waterproofing topcoat for better mascaras, so i get whatever benefit the good mascara offers, but it is now also waterproofed :) as a plus- its also easier to take off than waterproof alone :D

  2. I received a gift card for ULTA and decided to treat myself to something I've never tried before instead of responsibly keeping my "regulars" in stock...I think I'll go for Stila eyeliner. I've only had disaster experiences with liquid, but now that I know I should get BB Cream from Korea (never used that either), I'm going to give it another whirl. Unless you have an even better suggestion?

    1. when i see you, i'll let you try some! what kinds of stuff are you looking for?

    2. I don't know what I am looking for, that is the problem! I am a minimalist when it comes to make-up and often choose the second-to-cheapest product because I have no idea what I am doing (which is nothing fancy). I do Physician's Formula mineral powder and Maybeline Great Lash. When I received the gift card, I decided to spend it on one quality item instead of making it stretch as far as possible. It's only $20 I believe, but I could literally do my whole face with that if I go to a drugstore. I really want to try liquid liner again because then I could probably skip mascara all together.

  3. I suck at liner. Any tips for a beginner?
    It's Lauren, by the way, from ACCC