Thursday, February 6, 2014

bb creams - overview and swatches

one of the biggest issues i have with makeup is finding the right shade of foundation. my complexion is so light that most usually come out orange on my face. when i do luck out and find something that matches, the formula isn't always the best.
why did i start using bb cream?
as most people have noticed, bb creams became really really big in the past few years. bb creams are wildly popular in korea, and america began embracing them about 3 years ago. they are touted as 'all in one' products that prime, protect with spf, moisturize, correct, and cover. the first one i tried was dr. jart's waterfuse bb cream. dr. jart is a korean company that is now sold at sephora. i am under the impression that the american formulations are different from the korean ones, but i really liked the formula of the cream. it was unlike anything i'd tried before; it felt wet on my face, and made my skin look natural and dewy. sadly, it was just a little too dark for me.
i started doing more research and ended up trying another bb cream, this time actually taking the plunge and ordering it from korea. this bb cream is missha perfect cover, which comes in a few different shades (dr jart waterfuse only came in one). i chose the lightest one, #13, described as 'bright beige' or 'milky beige.' i have been using it faithfully since i started about a year and a half ago. the finish is dewy for this cream as well, but i usually dust a finishing powder over it.
of course, i am never happy with just one option, so i needed to try a few more korean bb creams. the last time i ordered the missha cream, it came with two samples of skin79 bb cream- orange bottle and pink bottle. both of them had a little more coverage than the missha, but had more of a satiny finish. they still felt natural on my skin, like a lotion. unfortunately, both were too dark. i did a little research and found skin79 had come out with a very light toned bb cream in a green bottle. i tried to find a comparison to missha #13 online, but i couldn't find anything that showed the two next to each other. 

swatches and purchasing information
so, to make research a little easier for other people, here are swatches in natural light of all of the bb creams that i have. i will post in depth reviews of each at some point later. all american bbs are available at sephora. i purchased my korean bbs from ebay. i would recommend bellogirl and rubyrubyshop, as they are reputable sellers and their products are authentic (but remember, anything you order will take 2-5 weeks to arrive).

wrist to elbow: 1. brtc jasmine water (korean), 2. missha perfect cover in #13 (korean), 3. skin79 (green bottle)(korean), 4. dr. jart detox (black bottle) (american), 5. dr. jart waterfuse (teal bottle) (american), 6. tarte bb primer in 'fair' (american).
squeezed out

slightly rubbed in
rubbed in and sheered out

please let me know if you have any questions about these, or if you'd like a more detailed opinion on any before you purchase them.
quick takes
1. brtc jasmine water (korean)- very nice, basic bb cream. slightly dewy, but less than most. covers well/evens skin. almost no smell, perhaps a faint jasmine(?) smell. glides on, a little thicker than missha.
 2. missha perfect cover in #13 (korean) - dewy, covers well/evens skin.  floral smell. glides on.
 3. skin79 (green bottle)(korean)- more matte finish. a little scent, but nothing noticeable. comes in a few different shades, but each have slightly different properties.
4. dr. jart detox (black bottle) (american). heavier than most. i haven't used this much as it is very dark.
5. dr. jart waterfuse (teal bottle) (american)- dewy finish. smells a bit like sunscreen (pleasant).
6. tarte bb primer in 'fair' (american) - this feels more like a primer (comparable to smashbox primer). comes in 4 shades. this would be best under make or just as for 'pore blurring perfecting' if your skin is almost perfect.

i STRONGLY advise you to do your research on ebay sellers before buying any cosmetic items, not just bb cream. there are MANY ebay sellers who counterfeit perfume, urban decay, mac, benefit cosmetics, and many other companies. if a deal seems too good to be true, it is, and if the seller has ANY negatives that question the authenticity of a product, do NOT purchase from them.

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